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Why am I here?


You should be at this page after clicking the “Web Site” button in the AppleWorks “About AppleWorks Scripts” dialog, if you have version 1.1 of the Enhancement Pack.

Version 1.1


This page discusses version 1.1 of the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks.



Your AppleWorks Scripts Menu contains over 40 scripts and functions as part of BareFeetWare’s Enhancement Pack. If you have not already done so, please register. Registered users receive more benefits such as additional and updated scripts.

Enhancement Pack


This web site contains troubleshooting information and the latest documentation about each script in the Enhancement Pack. If you have questions about a particular script, check here first.



Enhancement Pack 1.1 is an old version. Download the current version from here.

What’s New?


Version 1.1 includes the following changes. For earlier changes, see the 1.0.4 page.



Libraries updated, including stopped error note after clicking Cancel on non-English system. Removes the “old or unregistered” warning.



Audit Fields


Builds each new audit in its own document.



Refreshes the windows to fix AppleWorks bug not showing updated found set. Documents are referenced by number not name, in case they have the same name.



Added support for checkbox fields.

Web Publish


Added to setup form: search order, type, default; result order. Option to output results as HTML summarized into multiple pages without search CGI. Outputs META tags from summary page value, description and keywords



Dashed Lines


Added support for rectangles (AppleWorks 6 only).

Join Prism Corners


Copies pen width, color and pattern from rectangle 1 to the new lines.

Text Along Arc


Uses the new Math library to calculate trig instead of a spreadsheet. Faster, avoids AW bug border on text. More accurate placement of characters (sets bounds before rotation). Center aligned characters.



Draw Cell Borders


Asks for desired width of borders.

Negative Cells Red


Also sets to black any positive red cells, such as those whose values changed from negative since the previous run.



Small Caps


Does not alter any already uppercase characters. Only capitalizes and shrinks lower case. To achieve the same effect as previous versions, run “Word Caps” first.

Word Processing




Refreshes the windows to fix AppleWorks bug not showing updated selection in second document.

Convert Labels


Added option to remove paragraph labels.



Fixed typo in dialog. Much faster (10 to 30 times) by caching words and page index from each paragraph.

Table of Contents


Added option to match font and size instead of defined paragraph style.

Web Publish


Consecutive tables are joined (since AppleWorks can only show one per page). Allows alternate image URL prefix (eg for storing images on faster external server). After first run on a document, stores the HTML and image paths in its Properties:Category field. Renames as index.html if enclosing folder is same name. Replaces <U><BR> with <BR>


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