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This page discusses changes in version 1.2 of the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks, released on 2000.12.13

Enhancement Pack


Visit the Enhancment Pack home page for troubleshooting information and the latest documentation about each feature. If you have questions about a particular script, check here first.



Enhancement Pack 1.2 is an old version. Check here for the latest version.

What’s New?


Version 1.2 currently includes the following changes and additions. For earlier changes, see the 1.1 page.





You can now replace a field in all visible records with the value from the selected record, an edited value, an increased/decreased value or a formula involving other fields.

Find Duplicates


Find duplicate records. Choose the field and whether to show all records in each duplicate set or just the repeated records (ie exclude the first in each set). Allows easy deletion of redundant data.

Web Publish


You can now choose to summarize to web pages just the visible records or all records. The results pages include a link to the parent page.



New. “Document” is a new submenu that replaces the old “Universal” submenu and combines a few features.



New. Import CSV (comma separated value) files into a new database or spreadsheet document.



Dashed Lines


If the original lines have arrows, then the dashes at each end will keep those same arrows.



Functions don’t appear in the Scripts menu. You select them using the “Function...” in the main Scripts menu (changed from version 1.1, where it was called “Copy Function Script...” in the “Universal” sub menu.



New. Syntax is: MACRO("Frequency",2,"calculate", scores, lower, upper). Use it to create a frequency table from raw scores.

Word Processing




New. Renumbers all “Figure n”, “Exercise n” or similar references above a given number. Useful for adjusting text for rearranged or new figures or exercises.

Table of Contents


Added the option to match font styles (bold, italic etc) (or match style sheet, fonts or size). Correctly handles "Cancel" on a non-English system.

Web Publish


Replaces <TD align=...> with <TD> to fix wrong paragraph alignments in cells. Replaces leading tabs (HTML as just a spaces) with series of non breaking spaces (&nbsp;). Restored "</U></FONT>" to stop underlines over multiple lines.


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