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This page discusses changes in version 1.4 of the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks.

Version 1.4.1


This page discusses version 1.4.1 of the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks.

Enhancement Pack


This web site contains troubleshooting information and the latest documentation about each script in the Enhancement Pack. If you have questions about a particular script, check here first.

the latest version


Enhancement Pack 1.4 is an old version. Download the latest version from here.

Version 1.4.1
Bug Fix release


Version 1.4.1 fixes a bug in the “Function...” command that would not work with AppleWorks 6 in Mac OS 9.1, due to an Apple bug.

What’s new
and improved?


As of this release, you can download directly, without needing to email for a URL. The main improvement in version 1.4 is a work around to a bug in Mac OS 9.1 (and above) with AppleWorks 6, where some menu commands cannot locate needed files (such as when selecting "About AppleWorks Scripts" then clicking the "Document" button). This problem even applies to the scripts shipped with AppleWorks 6. Compared to the previous release, version 1.4 includes these few improvements:



Duplicate Multiple


Improved. Facilitates duplicating multiple selected records any number of times in AppleWorks 6.



Bug fix: No longer switches from list view to browse.



Paste Plain


Compatibility: compatible with more systems.

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