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This AppleWorks script applet runs in the background, checking the spelling of the active word processing document, hilighting any errors as red text.

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The “Auto Spell Check” applet will check the spelling of the words in the front AppleWorks document, hilighting any questionable spellings in red text. It scans every 2 seconds, in batches of 30 words. When it rescans a corrected word, the color will be changed from red to black.

This is a beta version, not optimized (very slow on large documents) or debugged.

Launch the applet by opening (eg double clicking) it in the Finder. To quit the applet, switch to it and select "Quit" from the "File" menu.

Due to a bug in AppleWorks, the words being scanned appear to be selected. However, the cursor position remains where you are typing.

Operates on the text body of the front word processing document.

This script works with AppleWorks 5. AppleWorks 6 removed the “check spelling” event so cannot be supported.

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