Last updated: Friday, 31 December 1999


The scripts below deal with uncommon AppleWorks objects, so have been lumped together here.

Some sample scripts appear below. General installation and use instructions appear on our scripts page. This page is part of BareFeetWare's AppleScripting AppleWorks project.

Envelope Maker

Author: Richard Morton <>

Download: Envelope Maker

A set of AppleScript tools for printing envelopes &/or individual mailing labels, using Palm Desktop (or it’s older incarnation, Claris Organizer 2.0) and the new AppleWorks (or ClarisWorks 5.0).

Max View

Author: Mark Butcher <>

Download: Max View

Toggles the window size between positioning the Title Block of the front window behind the Menu Bar, and the maximum default zoom position. When the Title Block is behind the Menu Bar, a couple of pixels of the Title Block are still visible if required to manually reposition the window.

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