Submit a Script for AppleWorks


    If you’ve written a script for AppleWorks, upload it here for the benefit of other AppleWorks users. You can make it freeware or shareware, editable or read only.

When submitting a script, please provide:
    1. The script itself as a compiled script or applet (not text). Please include a description in the description field.
    2. A readme document describing how to use the script, the applicable environment (eg word processing, text, spreadsheet, or universal), your contact details (at least email), any shareware payment procedure (if applicable), supported configurations (eg does it support AppleWorks 5 and/or 6?) and any other documentation.

We reserve the right to not upload your script if it:
    1. Appears to be faulty.
    2. Does the same job as an existing script, without improvement.
    3. Is based on a BareFeetWare script which you have not registered.
    4. Presents any other problem.

We reserve the right to extract from your documentation and edit it for inclusion on the web site. We will not alter your script or document files without permission.

To submit your script(s) and documentation, compress them (preferably Stuffit format) and attach it to an email to

We welcome any queries about our AppleScripting AppleWorks resources.