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This AppleWorks sub-menu adds a customizable list of colors. You can apply them to text in a word processing document.

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This download is a folder "Text Color", which should be placed in your AppleWorks Scripts folder. This gives AppleWorks a "Text Color" sub-menu in the Scripts menu. It contains several scripts, each a menu item. Each of ten scripts change the selected text to a predefined color, eg Yellow, Red.

One script called " Add Color to Menu..." can be used to add new colors to the menu. In a word processing document, select some text and apply a text color using AppleWorks' text color palette. Select " Add Color to Menu..." and, when prompted, type a name for the new color. The new color will appear in the "Text Color" sub menu.

Operates on the text body of the front word processing document.

This script works with AppleWorks 5. AppleWorks 6 has its own Text Color menu and removed support for dynamic updating of the Scripts menu, so cannot be supported.

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