Table of Contents Script


    AppleWorks has always lacked a Table of Contents feature. This script adds the feature, enabling you to select a multi-level heading and run the script from the menu, to create a table of contents.

Enhancement Pack


Table of Contents is distributed in the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks 6, which includes 40 more features.

This script will build a table of contents containing the headings used in your document and their page numbers. Your headings must use a distinctive paragraph style and outline level or font and size to be recognized. To build a table of contents:
    1. Select any heading in your document. If you have multiple levels of headings (ie different outline levels within the same paragraph style), select a heading with the least significant level required.
    2. Run the Table of Contents script from the Scripts:Word Processing menu.
    3. Paste the table of contents into your document.
    4. Format the table of contents as required, using character styles, indents, tab markers etc.
    5. If your pasting of the table of contents moved text across pages in your document, you will need to run the script again to get updated page numbers and then re-paste.

Supported AppleWorks Versions
Table of Contents is fully functional with AppleWorks 6. It works with AppleWorks/ClarisWorks 5, but does not include page numbers.

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