Macintosh Garage Sale

2014-01-02 garage/
  Okay, time to get rid of some old (some not so old) equipment and clear out my garage.

Cheapest broadband ADSL in Australia. Mac compatible.
Terms We are in Australia and prices are in Australian dollars, for delivery only within Australia. All prices include GST. Prices and availability can change several times a day, so keep checking (note the modification date and time above).
Delivery Fee A one off charge of $33 applies to each delivery. It includes postage and handling to anywhere in Australia for any number of items (except bulky items). Or you can arrange to pick up in Woy Woy (no delivery fee) 10am til 5pm most business days by appointment only. The delivery fee is set in stone (unless you pick up), to keep the prices on the items very low.
GST All prices quoted on this page include GST. We are registered for GST so can provide you with a tax invoice, upon request. As a business, you can probably claim back the GST component as input tax credits.
Payment We prefer payment via cash or direct deposit (such as through Internet banking), to BSB 032527, account 152963. We can accept payment via PayPal (including credit card). We accept cheques, but they must be cleared before we process the order.
Warranty All items come with a seven day warranty. If you receive the goods with any major unexpected faults, you can return it to us for a refund or exchange. If you choose delivery, then you pay all postage and handling fees.
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Prices If you've seen a comparable item cheaper elsewhere I'll probably better it. I may have more than one of some items, but prices are all per item.
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Macs Computers that run Mac OS X. If you don’t need hard disk or RAM, the price may be cheaper. Pick up only on desktop computers.

PowerMac G4
$55 Removed PowerMac G4/450MHz 1GB/40GB/DVD-RAM. Grey tower. Graphics card: ATI Rage 128Pro AGP 16MB VRAM. Doesn't boot as of 2009.10, probably faulty power supply.

iMac G3
$44 Removed iMac G3/350MHz 192MB/6GB/CD. Blueberry. Boots OK. Flat PRAM battery. Video shows some vertical lines.

iMac G3
$11 Removed iMac G3/350MHz 256MB?/0GB/CD. Blueberry. Fails to power up. Flat PRAM battery.
Accessories Accessories for computers that run Mac OS X.

LCD 15"
$44 Reduced 15" 1024x768 LCD display. BenQ FP537s.
USB Mouse $22 Removed USB mouse. Bondi Blue iMac style. (Qty = 1)
G3 CPU card $22 Removed G3/400MHz processor card to suit PowerMac 7300, 7500, 8500 etc
265MB SODIMM $20 Removed 256MB 667Mhz SODIMM RAM module. Will suit Intel Macs including: Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, etc. Reliable brand (as supplied by Apple in new Macs) (Qty = 2)
USB keyboard $11 Removed USB keyboard. Bondi Blue iMac style. (Qty = 4)
Software Software for Mac OS X type systems. On original CDs.
Mac OS X 10.3 $66 Removed Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther"
Mac OS X 10.2 $44 Removed Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar"
iLife '04 $22 Removed
Mac OS X Server 1.2 $22 Removed Mac OS X Server 1.2 runs on 7300, 8500, G3, G4 etc
Monitors All monitors include necessary power and image cables, unless noted. Pick up only for monitors, no delivery (the packing and posting cost of about $88 is prohibitive).
VGA Adapter $11 Adapter DB15 monitor to VGA computer (eg to connect PC or new model Mac to old Apple monitor)
Peripherals Hardware that connects to the outside of a Mac. Unless otherwise noted, all are working and come with any needed power cable and data cable (eg SCSI).
PlainTalk Microphone $15 Apple PlainTalk Microphone (Qty = 4)
Design Keyboard $11 Removed ADB Design keyboard (Qty = 1)
Mouse II $11 Removed Apple ADB mouse II ergonomic (rounded button) (Qty = 1)
Modem $11 Removed External 33.6k Modem. Global Village Teleport Platinum modem. Excellent fax software.
Microphone $2 Microphone, Apple. (not PlainTalk) (Qty = 40)
Classic Software Software mainly suits Mac OS 9 and earlier systems.
Magic $17 Removed Learn the Art of Magic
Games Games for Mac OS 9 or earlier.
Bundle $55 Removed Bundle of eight software titles, listed below.
Jack $33 Removed You Don't Know Jack
Star Trek $22 Removed Star Trek The Next Generation "A Final Unity"
Star Trek $22 Removed Star Trek The Next Generation Interactive Technical Manual
Havoc $11 Removed 3D race and shoot on another planet, with net play
Star Wars $11 Removed Star Wars Rebel Assault
SpaceShip Warlock $8 Removed
Vampire's Coffin $8 Removed Victor Vector & Yondo "The Vampire's Coffin"
Klik & Play $8 Removed Klik & Play "The world's first instant game creator"
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