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Version 1.8


This page discusses changes in version 1.8 of the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks.

Enhancement Pack


Look here if you are new to the Enhancement Pack, for an overview and description of all the features.



Enhancement Pack 1.8 is an old version. Download the latest version from here.

What’s new
and improved?


Compared to the previous release, this version includes the improvements below (listed by environment):



Batch Convert Files


Can now translate a batch of files into native AppleWorks 6 format. Alters file name extension if saving as AppleWorks, text, RTF, HTML, MS Word or Excel.





Fixed the sample Invoice.cwk document to correctly refer to the “Contact.cwk” document (changed from “Contact”.



New function. Returns the score at the desired quartile boundary of the cell range. Used in a spreadsheet formula like: =MACRO("Quartile",2,"calculate",A1..A5,3) where the cell range and quartile number (0, 1, 2, 3, or 4) can be altered as required.

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