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We believe that the Enhancement Pack provides many of the features that AppleWorks/ ClarisWorks users have craved for years. To maximize the exposure, we provide access for everyone to download the software for evaluation.



This download of the Enhancement Pack is provided for evaluation only. You may not redistribute the software via any medium outside of your immediate workgroup. After testing for 14 days you must either register, or delete all copies. You may not keep or distribute edited copies of any included file. By downloading this software, you agree to these conditions.



Version 1.9.1 is the latest version of the Enhancement Pack provided for public download (evaluation). Version 1.8 was the previous version.

Download Now


Click the “Download Now” link on the left to download the evaluation version of the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks. It will periodically annoy you with registration reminders, but is otherwise fully functional.



When you download the Enhancement Pack, your browser should decompress the file immediately. If not, you’ll need to use the latest version of Stuffit Expander (it’s free!) to decompress the folder.

Enhancement Pack
for AppleWorks


Learn more about the Enhancement Pack, with a growing number of detailed pages, one for each new AppleWorks feature.



The downloaded “Enhancement Pack” folder includes an installer. Simply run the installer to install the scripts in the right place for AppleWorks. The ReadMe gives alternate brief manual installation instructions.



Details of each script is provided in the included “Enhancement Features” database. You can access it either in the Scripts Support: Documentation folder, or after installation by selecting “About Enhancement Pack” from the Scripts menu.



Within 14 days you must either register your copy of the Enhancement Pack, or delete it. Registered users have access to updates, more scripts, support and other features.

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