Draw Cell Borders






This AppleWorks script draws lines as borders on the selected cells. It asks for the desired thickness of those lines.



This is one of 40 scripts in the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks.


The “Draw Cell Borders” item is in the Spreadsheet sub-menu of AppleWorks Scripts menu. This feature compensates for the lack of control in AppleWorks over the thickness of cell borders in a spreadsheet. AppleWorks 6 can set the width of table borders. Unfortunately tables are a whole new module introduced in AppleWorks 6, rather than the hoped for enhancement of the existing spreadsheet frames.

To use:
    1. Finish adjusting the sizes (row height and column width) of the cells in your spreadsheet.
    2. Select some cells.
    3. Select “Draw Cell Borders” item in the Spreadsheet sub-menu of AppleWorks Scripts menu.
    4. Enter the required width of the borders (in pixels). Click OK.
    5. You can select the “border” lines and apply color, thickness and patterns as desired.



Ensure that your cell dimensions are set before running this script, as the position of the lines is not tied to the cells.

Operates on the selected cells in a spreadsheet document (not a frame).

This script works with AppleWorks 6 and AppleWorks 5.

Only registered users are permitted to use the supplied files after 14 days or edit them.

This script is included in the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks, not supplied separately.

This script is read only. The statements that get the dimensions of the selected cells are:

set theCells to object specifier of selection
tell theCells
   set rowFirstN to index of row 1 in column 1
   set colFirstN to index of column 1 in row 1
   set cellHeights to {} & height of rows in column 1
   set cellWidths to {} & width of columns in row 1
end tell

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