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The Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks is not free. We provide it for evaluation so you can decide whether any of the features are of use to you. If you continue to use any of the scripts, please register here. The more registrations, the more time we can devote to improving the software.

Enhancement Pack


This web site contains the latest documentation about each script in the Enhancement Pack.



If you haven’t already, download the Enhancement Pack and test its suitability before registering. We do not refund or make any guarantees, so ensure that the software works to your expectations before paying for it.

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You use this software at your own risk. By buying the software, you state that you have already tested it and determined it suitable for your use. No warranty of any kind is given, expressed or implied. BareFeetWare retains all rights to the software and is only selling you a license to use it. You may not redistribute or resell the software without BareFeetWare’s permission.