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This AppleWorks site has been very popular with visitors and we thank you for your comments. Some extracts from comments are published here for the benefit of all to realise similar problems, revelations and background. It also helps us justify the late nights :-)

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In 2000, with the release of AppleWorks 6, we started a new page of comments.

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Thanks for your help, your web site is great. (1999.12.20 Ken Wong)

I'm really enjoying the AppleWorks' AppleScript [AWUG Journal] articles -very interesting and well done! (Joyce 1999.12.12)

I visited your web site... and found incredible info about scripting AppleWorks. (Frédéric Blondiau 1999.12.01)

You're doing us all a great service. (1999.11.04 Tom Slaughter)

I am a professor trying to write a script that will automatically create and format graphs produced from data students have entered in AppleWorks, hence my interest in the "chart" objects in the spreadsheet. Thanks again for the help; let us hope that the next version release of AppleWorks corrects some of these scripting problems! (Dennis Tokaryk 1999.10.31)

I downloaded your stuff on scripting, love your article and followed it. (Jules Black 1999.10.14)

I'm an experienced apple-script programmer and was greatly disappointed today by the news I found on your website regarding holes and faults in the scipteability of AppleWorks. (Sybe Izaak Rispens 1999.10.14)

I very much enjoy your AppleWorks/Applescript site, which I check routinely for interesting scripts and ideas. I was particularly happy to see a linear regression script appear a few months ago; I've often wondered why ClarisWorks/AppleWorks never built this useful utility into their spreadsheets! Thanks again for the great site, and PLEASE keep up the pressure on Apple and AppleWorks to enhance (and debug) the scripting of AppleWorks. The more I learn about scripting, the more uses I can see for scripting AppleWorks. (Dennis Tokaryk 1999.10.11)

I love this site. It is always good to know when scripting that the problem is in the implementation and not the script. I run a web site for Claris Organizer scripts and have run into similar problems, but nothing like that with ClarisWorks. I have written apple event handlers and OSAX. Tell Apple to give me the source and I'll fix it! (Joel Jones 1999.10.06)

Greetings! I just discovered you through your AppleScript tutorial in Oct 99 AW Journal. Just to say MANY THANKS for showing us how! And thanks for your scripts to download. (Stone 1999.10.02)

i am very happy to have found your site. as a long time claris works user and beginning apple scripter, it was great finding the tutorial; it is extremely helpful. Apple really should increase the scriptablility of appleworks. please continue to complete the tutorial. (tom slaughter 1999.09.30)

congratulations for your AppleWorks-page. It's one of the most serious ressourcesund so far, and the only one addressing the problem with jagged edges. Thanks for your efforts. (Hagen Lang 1999.09.30)

Enjoyed reading your [AWUG Journal] article and have followed the instructions and am now using the scripts. Thanks for your efforts in educating all of us (even those who read the messages and don't always respond). I've wanted to try the scripts for months and the article gave me the opportunity. (Jim Mattern 1999.10.28)

I downloaded the Small Caps script and did the exercises in the AW Journal, 10/1999. Thanks to the excellent, well written article, it really was easy. Thank you! I am looking forward to future articles so I can develop some skill here. (That's your greatest contribution, in educating us.) (Genny Ota on AppleWorks discussion mail list 1999.09.27)

The best site in the whole world (IMHO) for scripting ClarisWorks/AppleWorks is at [BareFeetWare]. They wrote the book, and they keep updating it. Scripting the spreadsheet is possible and productive, but watch out for those "holes". (Hugh Dixon on AWUG forum 1999.09.20)

The one need I really have of AppleWorks is a properly scriptable database. The inability to alter database fields using AS has held me up in a number of ways, and the bizarre means of accessing data from a field with AS is not much help either. (Hugh Dixon 1999.09.14)

Thanks for providing some tantalizing lessons on how to use AppleScripts with AppleWorks. (Antony Wallace Nispel 1999.09.06)

I don't know anything about scripting. I read other peoples discussions about it. I think it is an important part of Apple and therefore Appleworks. I would really like to be able to read and learn more about it. I am in an upward learning curve and would have to add it to my list. There's so much to learn and only so much brain fibers available every day. (1999.09.01 Louis Ernest)

I would like to nominate [BareFeetWare] for the first "Worksie (anybody got a better name?) - the award for the hardest working guy (or gal) to benefit the rest of us through Claris/AppleWorks! Maybe we could name the award the Clarus. (Christopher Nye on AppleWorks discussion mail list. 1999.08.30)

I too would like to thank Tom for the great work he's doing with AppleScript & Claris/AppleWorks. Let's hope Apple rectify and expand the AppleScript abilities in AppleWorks 6 so he can work more magic (and maybe some of us help out when it's not so frustrating)... Wouldn't it be great if businesses and academics could write shareware, freeware or commercial plug-ins for AW so we could have the extra tools each of us wants eg extra table editing tools, or floating palettes to put all of Tom's AppleScripts in, or palettes for our favourite stationary, or plug-in spell checkers, formatters and grammar checkers, or a floating palette that lets you open any of the libraries with one click rather than having to repeatedly go back to the File -> Library menu! (Dale Gillard on AppleWorks discussion mail list. 1999.08.30)

I agree with Tom about avoiding bloating AppleWorks in its basic incarnation... Maybe [the plug-in approach] could be extended to other modules, possibly built on applescript but located more 'logically', eg Table of Contents script is only needed when one is dealing with a text frame yet it is always there in the applescript menu. Its a cosmetic idea in some ways but it would reflect a more organised approach to customisation... Also, repeating thanks to Tom for the work he has done with Applescripts and I encourage him to keep up the good work. (Simon Hayman on AppleWorks discussion mail list. 1999.08.30)

I just came across your site from macintouch, and wanted to let you guys know you have done an awesome job. I think it is just great the work you have put into the site and Appleworks. I love appleworks, and I think these pages will help me like it more. (Matt Veenstra 1999.08.28)

Thanks for the excellent and informative scripting pages. I often have customers ask me for a way to do such-and-such with AppleWorks or ClarisWorks and I've made a few scripts myself, but nothing like yours. (Christian Boyce 1999.08.28)

I have downloaded and used with great success your unwrap text script. Thanks! ... I really have used the unwrap text script to great time saving advantage (Sue Gregory 990824)

Very Cool! I used the [Rank] applescript which works like a charm. (Jim Beckers 1999.06.17)

Just a quick note to say thanks for doing the documentation for Scripting in AppleWorks... I have a newton 2100 that I've exported the names data from to ... AppleWorks ... database... I was totally lost on how to do this until I found your page... Thanks again for your web pages. (John Gordon 1999.06.16)

thx for your tutorials, i am dying to learn more about this area, and look forward to your future tutorials. (990815 Michael Martin)

Jaggies Workaround: Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!! (Neil Taylor 1999.06.11)

Your tutorial is FAB. as an experienced-ish scripter I still couldn't get AppleWorks to do anything on my own. for example, I was trying to make new document at (alias(etc)) for about an hour!!! Your tutorial was clear and simple enough to get me going ....a big thanks. (Tom Smith 1999.05.13)

[BareFeetWare's AppleWorks AppleScripting web site] saved me from near suicide ;) (Hugh Dixon 1999.03.02 AWUG wish list forum)

I am enjoying (and learning) using your Tutorial. Many thanks for doing these. (Duane E. Beals 1999.06.04)

Great page. Thanks. (George Cowie 1999.06.01)

An excellent site run by [BareFeetWare] is providing a tutorial on AppleScripting AppleWorks and a list of syntax problems with workarounds where possible. However I do not feel this relieves Apple of their responsibility to provide a product which works in accordance with its purported capabilities. (Ken B 1999.03.10)

Yes I'm very interested. This stuff is great!!! I just discovered this site & it's great I really appreciate it. (Neil Taylor 1999.05.23)

As more than a few people must have told you, your contributions in this list are incredibly helpful and enlightening. I'm certainly inspired to use some free time, whenever that is, to learn what I can of AppleScript. Your site is one of the first places I will go. (Dick Glendon 1999.05.15)

Thanx for what you are doing for the new AW community. (Ray Schuerger 1999.04.29)

Thanks for all the scripts, those I downloaded and the ones I didn't! (Brad Nation 1999.03.26)

If Apple were to ask me about future scripting of AppleWorks, I'd reply:

    1. Get rid of all the bugs/broken code in the current dictionary. Er, well yes. My priority would be: DB, SS, WP, DR, PT in order. My priorities start with data handling and end with graphics. If the DB environment was fully scriptable, you get yourself a relational DB. In the case of CM, see comments below. If CM were updated, it would become a high priority for me.

    2. Implement a scriptable Find/Replace to cover WP, SS, DB & any text blocks. To me, this is important.

    3. It would be nice to have scriptable buttons. I understand FM Pro has this. This could be similar to Folder Actions, but applied to a graphic (depicting a button). Scriptable buttons would go a long way to making custom apps, similar to FaceSpan where you could, for example, create a dialog with a DR window that controls other documents.

    4. As a more general topic, completely overhaul the current CM environment. The idea is sound, but the current implementation is now way out of date. Implement the ability to send/receive email from a WP or text box without an email application. Make it scriptable. A updated CM environment has huge potential.

    5. Ability to asign keyboard shortcuts to scripts.

    6. Scriptable Publish & Subscribe. I use P&S quite frequently for doing costings at work.

    7. Scriptable conversions from one format to another. I think someone was once asking about changing a JPEG to TIFF or something. Useful to have.

    8. Full documentation. Scriptable AW has incredible potential. Also AS seems to be finally getting more popular. Access to good information is important. The situation at the moment is users groping around in the dark with broken code and [BareFeetWare]'s web site the _only_ source of information (that I know of). To me, this is important. It's last on this list because it's not implementing any scripting features.


Mark Butcher 1999.03.12

Thank you very much for putting such a nice set of Scripts and Tutorials for Appleworks on your web site! I have found Appleworks to be a great tool for my business, covering almost anything I need. ... However it didn't work out that easy and after finding your 'holes' page I'm afraid I know why. Many of the Appleworks Script functions are broken. (Eelco Grimm 1999.05.13)

Great Scripts! thanks! (Steve Gandy 1999.04.20)

I'm glad that I came across your website! I too see enormous potential for using AppleScript and AppleWorks together... By the way, do you have any recommendations on who to email at AppleWorks to put a little pressure on for stronger AppleScript support? <Dennis Tokaryk 1999.05.09>

I teach a computer application course for preservice educators and use AppleWorks as the base application. I am excited about you scripts and hope to try some of them out in my course this summer. <Jenny Burson 1999.05.08>

Thanks for the information on scripting, I have been dying to learn. <Charlie Richards 1999.04.30>

Thanks for creating the Appleworks/Applescript site. It's a great idea and benefits lots of people. <Barry Abrahamsen 1999.05.02>

Excellent scripting information. In fact, I couldn't even get my Clarisworks Spreadsheet script to work, period, until I viewed the suggestions on your site. I had a real problem with getting and setting data from a cell (or group of cells) until I went through your tutorials and your example scripts. <Anthony Adachi>

I am in the process of learning AppleScript, and am thankful that you provide both the ready-to-use AppleScripts and the tutorials. <Teresa Riden>

I thought it was a problem with my syntax I didn't realize it was a bug in Clarisworks Applescript. I'm glad you mentioned that. Saves me further frustration. <Anthony Adachi>

Love your site! I never, ever knew AW 5.x was so scriptable. The reviews of CW 5.0 said it wasn't much improved over 4.x so I didn't upgrade. I noticed mention of your site in Macintouch last week, visited and ordered AW 5.x the same day! Very cool! ... This makes AW so much more powerful! Very, very cool. <David Rogers>

the idea of these pages is an outstanding one. <Ken Ghent>

thanks for your superb web page (and the idea)... Many thanks for this terrific service to the AppleWorks/Mac community! <Rory Bowman>

I read the information on your web site regarding using Apple Script to automate tasks in AppleWorks. I have been looking for this type of information, and what you have posted is the best I have seen so far. <Kevin Breneman>

I'm VERY impressed with your tutorial! Very nicely done! I especially liked your careful explanation and distinction between "in" and "of" <Tony Rich>

Most all the other scripts I copied off the samples worked just fine, right out of the package. <Marc Harmon>

thank you very much! <Kenneth P. Frankel>

Just had a look at your site again - getting better all the time, it's great thank you <Richard Morton>

I am working through your fabulous tutorial on AppleScript. I have always wanted to know how to use AppleScript and your tutorial is allowing me to work through this quite nicely. <Pam Imholz>

a big thank-you for all the information on your AppleWorks/Applescript website... it's saved me from an awful lot of hassle and frustration. <Hugh Dixon>

Thank God I've found you! I've been searching the Net for the last three weeks trying to find out how to script ClarisWorks/AppleWorks, banging my head hard against the inconsistencies of the dictionary and AppleScript syntax. At last – confirmation that there *are* holes in AppleWorks' implementation of AppleScript (I thought it was me!) Smile – you've made someone happy! <Hugh Dixon>

The [BareFeetWare] site now includes easy-to-follow AppleScript lessons and ready-to-use scripts and applets (small stand-alone applications) that add features and functionality to ClarisWorks... Installing a script is easy - you just drag the script into the ClarisWorks Scripts or AppleWorks Scripts folder within your ClarisWorks
(or AppleWorks) folder. <AppleWorks User Group Journal>

... thank you and your team [BareFeetWare] for your efforts at improving the state of ClarisWorks AppleScripts. Your new web pages, and constant participation in the ClarisWorks list, makes using ClarisWorks and AppleScript a joy. <Robert Vaessen>

... applescripting... hasn't shown itself as being all that useful to me- until now... <Jim Gates>

[BareFeetWare] has a web site devoted to using AppleScript with ClarisWorks (recently renamed AppleWorks)... <Macintouch>

I've been watching your work on your site and I'm impressed by what you're doing. <Warren Williams>

Thanks for the AppleScript solution. It works rather well. I created two similar scripts using your posting. <Robert Vaessen>

I am very happy, that you make this training for CW and AS! <Ronald Fischer>

What a marvelous resource you have posted here! I'm glad to have finally found a guide to the very idiosyncratic implementation of Applescript in ClarisWorks. <Jeff Frankel>

I really appreciate the erudite and helpful responses you've given to various listserv members, and, especially, the good work you've done on your AppleWorks scripting web site (which I've just begun to explore--and have forwarded to other interested parties on the AppleWorks team) <AppleWorks Developer>

GREAT GREAT webpage, just what i needed <Christian Vinaa>

I really like your idea of trying to help people learn applescript. I learned about your site from C*WUG. <Peter Vollmer>

Thanks... for those wonderful little scripts! I know they weren't written to me, but I certainly found them useful--especially the one for auto save. Thanks for taking the time to type them out and for sharing them with us. <Jon Glass>

Boy am I glad to see this site setup. I have been struggling with AppleScript out here on my own for a while and can get it to do most things but not everything. Good Luck and will visit soon and often <Raymond DiMuzio>

I have been going through your ClarisWorks/AppleScript tutorials. Very well done, will be appreciated by many. I am trying to learn AppleScript to develop scripts to help our teachers and to help us with support (finding info on disks, removing certain files, etc.) Your examples are exactly what I need to get going. <Craig Nansen 1999.03.21>

Thanks for offering help to CW AS and AW with your site. <Rob Durnford>

I wasn't aware that macros were so hard to move, thanks. I really wish you could edit them too, but anyway... I'm reasonably active with AS, though I must say I've found scripting CW so frustrating I've not done anything other than the most basic stuff with it. There are just so many broken or non implemented commands in the dictionary! Still, it sounds as though you've perservered with it far more than I & perhaps I should go back & start looking again at what I'd like to automate... knowing that you're there now, I'm somewhat tempted to get a bit more serious about scripting CW again. <Richard Morton>

nice site! (Looks like an interesting company, too.) I appreciated the sample scripts; I'm trying to become more proficient with Applescript, and have found reference resources to be sparse. <Doug Riddels>

I am constantly trying to make applescript make my work easier ! Thanx a LOT for the scripts. <Christian Vinaa>

Glad to hear that you're making progress on your AppleScripting tutorial. As I'm sure you've seen, our attempts to develop a good collection of scripts has been remarkable unsuccessful...we're looking forward to your work. <AppleWorks User Group>

This is great. It's always been discouraging that Apple has been the pioneers in PC, yet they neglect the greatest things about the Mac. I love ClarisWork's simple interface but it's neglect has always been frustrating. It's funny that ClarisWorks took forever to utlized Drop and Drag and even longer AppleScript. <Ray Fryer>

I used one of your script routinessuitably modified and it does exactly what I wanted. I now have a working script which does exactly what I set out to do <Ken B>

Yes I'm very interested. Great initiative. <Philippe Smets>

Yes, please. More please. That was hardly enough to whet one's appetite. <John Browner>

I just enjoyed my first visit to your website and worked my way through the beginnings of your tutorial... [written] extremely well. Clear and to the point. Easy to follow. <Warren Williams>

Frankly, I'm a little surprised at the difficulty of manipulating CW through AppleScript. It has a great big dictionary, and looks very scriptable, but it doesn't always work as advertised. Does anyone know if there are plans to revamp the scripting interface? <Phil Rhodes>

I'm greatly chuffed at finding some information on scripting ClarisWorks <Mark Butcher>

... it is a relief to see that someone with expert knowledge can explain AppleScript in a way that is easy to understand... recently bought AppleWorks 5.0.3 with the express intention of using AppleScript to automate some of my procedures, partly for the practical reason of saving time, but mostly as an interest. Imagine my horror when I started to look for ways of learning to use AppleScript and I began to realise what was available... Part of the reason for my diatribe is to emphasise the value of what you are doing <Ken B>

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