Compare (Databases)




Compares the records in the two front database documents, showing the records in each that are different to or do not exist in the other database.

The “Compare” item is in the Database sub-menu of AppleWorks Scripts Menu.

When activated, this script compares the records in the two front database documents. Each match pair is hidden, leaving only those records in each database that were not matched in the other. These unmatched records may be unique or duplicates of records that have already been paired.

If you keep a copy of a database in two or more locations or with multiple users, then each database will be independently edited. Each may contain some common unaltered records, some new, some deleted, some changed. At some stage, you may want to bring the databases back together, combining the records, but not retrieving the same record from each database.

By using this script, you can see which records are unique to each file, then simply select all in one file, copy, and paste into the other to give a complete list without redundancy.

Prior to copying, you may wish to fine tune the results by omitting any records that you wish to discard or that you accept as a match (eg misspelt in one file).

This script is unlocked so you can open it in your favorite script editor. It is a good example of how to compare and hide records in a database.

Operates on the front document, which must be a database document.

This script works with AppleWorks 6, not version 5 or earlier.

Only registered users are permitted to edit the supplied files.

This script is included in the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks, not supplied separately.

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