Compare Text Frames




This “Compare Text Frames” script compares each of the text frames in the front two AppleWorks documents, stopping on each one where is finds a difference.



This is one of 40 scripts in the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks.


The “Compare Text Frames” item is in the Drawing sub-menu of AppleWorks Scripts Menu.

When activated, this script cycles through each text frame in the front document, comparing it to the same numbered frame in the second document, until it finds a pair with different text content. You can choose to continue checking or stop at the selected pair.

AppleWorks page layout documents, such as pamphlets or posters, are drawing documents containing text frames. This script helps you isolate changes between revisions of such a page layout document, identifying the text frames that have been changed.

A future version of this script may isolate the point in the text frame at which the content differs. Please make any suggestions.

This script can be viewed by opening in a script editor. The crucial line is:

if text body of text frame frameN in drawing area of document 1 is not text body of text frame frameN in drawing area of document 2 then

Operates on the front two documents, which must be drawing documents, each containing corresponding text frames in the same layer order.

This script works with AppleWorks 6 and AppleWorks 5.

Only registered users are permitted to edit the supplied files.

This script is included in the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks, not supplied separately.

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