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What extra feature do you want in AppleWorks? AppleScript gives us the means to implement almost anything.

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Send us a description of what you want and why. Convince us that it would be a good idea. Priority is given to: registered users of our scripts; those suggestions which have a broad appeal and the realm of possibility. Please understand if we don't reply to each email. You are welcome to endorse or add to an existing suggestion.

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BareFeetWare develops scripts for AppleWorks 6 (sometimes 5), running under MacOS. Please don’t ask us to develop solutions for Windows or earlier versions of AppleWorks. We do not develop translators for MS Office.

Past Suggestions


Many past suggestions have been implemented. They include: Table of Contents, Index, Dashed Lines, Compare documents, many others.

Unique Requests


If you have a requirement particular to your workflow or urgent, BareFeetWare offers contracted AppleScript services, so please request our services.


Presentation to Web
Tony Wayne 2000.02.25:

    1. Make a script to take a slide show presentation and turn it into a slide show for the web. Each document page could be web page. Have the script place a simple forwards, backwards and main page link at the bottom of each page.

    2. Make a script to take a carefully crafted slide show presentation and turn it into an animated gif. I do a lot of work with animated gifs using AppleWorks as my image generator and "Gif Builder" as my work horse to knit my images together.

Spell as you type
Check spelling as you type. Now available as beta version.

Comma Separated Values
I would like to see a method for importing comma separated values into a database, particularly from an ASCII text file. Lloyd McLean 99.07.13.

A suggestion that came out of the mac.sci newsgroup: Would it be possible to write a script that would create a tangent at a defined point on a curve or join a curve and an arbitrary drawn line together at the tangent point? Simon Hayman 99.07.21

Matrix Operations
Yes, it is possible for AppleWorks to multiply two matrices together, find the inverse of a matrix and any other matrix operations. If such a script is desired, let us know, and remind us of the fundamentals to achieve these calculations. 99.07.01.

Simple creation of PostIt Note like text frames for commenting on underlying document text. Needs some method to hide prior to printing. Apple's AppleWorks discussion forum on 99.03.24.

Email Editing
Read and compose email within AppleWorks.

Database Transfer
Transfer record data from AppleWorks to FileMaker. Inspired by Bobby Wilder 99.02.15

Print All then Quit
How about one that prints everything open and then quits. (Steve Gandy 99.04.20)

Drawing tools floating palette.
containing extra drawing tools

Outline Tree
Convert outlines to tree diagram. Requested by David Rogers.

I am especially interested in converting outlines to tree diagram because of the possible uses in concept mapping in schools. (Jenny Burson 990508)

Outline To Slide Show
Main Point would be Main Heading and sub point would be sub headings on slide. Every main point would create a new slide. (Bryan VonDeylen 990508)

Search and replace with styles
Works with styles. Requested by Anthony Helm.

...can I look for every occurrence of the word "Jones" where the text is a certain shade of blue, uses a specific font, is bold, and is between pages 5 and 11? I can envision what this Find would look like, (very similar to the Find File in Sherlock where I can add attributes until I have all the attributes I'm seeking) (Russ Conte 99.05.10)

(Jenny Burson 990508)

Find?Replace enhancement to include special formats. I really want to be able to do is scan a word-processed document and replace eg every occurence of H2O with the correct version (ie the "2" as "inferior" or "subscript"). (Mark 990522)

More flexible calendar assistant. eg varied box sizes.

(Jenny Burson 990508)

Summarize text
using Mac OS 8.5.

Wildcard Search & Replace
Requested by James Clegg.

Is anyone handling the "Wildcard Search & Replace" request? - because if not then I might have a crack at that myself. Are there any special requests for what wild card options should be required? (Neil Taylor 99.05.25)

New Section Assistant
Instead of AppleWorks sectioning which requires you to prepare in advance how you want to section break (which is difficult for our secretaries), select Section Break and have the AppleScript walk you through what you want (page break/line break, etc). (Bryan VonDeylen 990508)

Leading Zeros
I would like to be able to enter numbers (ie students ID numbers) that begin with zeroes in a SS cell without the preceeding zeroes being dropped off. In the OLD gs/IIe Appleworks you could specify numbers to be treated as text in a SS. (Lakeside Middle School (990504)

Multiple Sheets
Multiple sheets in a worksheet or external references to other AW sheets (as EXCEL can do). (Gualtiero Messora 990501)