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This AppleWorks script displays the properties of the selected graphic object, such as left and right edge position, name, index, colors. This version does not change the graphic objects when you alter the values in the form.



This is one of 40 scripts in the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks.


The “Show Properties” item is in the Drawing sub-menu of AppleWorks Scripts Menu.

When activated, this script makes a new database document, based on the “Properties of Graphic” template in the Scripts Support folder. It creates a new record for each selected graphic object, inserting the value of its properties in the fields.

By viewing the numeric values of a graphic object’s properties, you can see why two colors don’t match or misalign, as well as see what properties are available for scripting.






A future version of this script may include a “Set” button allowing you to change the numeric values of a graphic object, then click to apply them.

Operates on the selected graphic objects, in the drawing area of a document.

This script works with AppleWorks 6, not AppleWorks 5.

Only registered users are permitted to use the supplied files after 14 days or edit them.

This script is included in the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks, not supplied separately.

This script can be opened to view the code. The main statements include:

set myProperties to {|document|:docName, |class|:class as text, |index|:index, |bounds:left|:leftV, |bounds:top|:topV} -- etc
tell database of document formName
   make new record at end with data myProperties
end tell

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