Small Caps




This AppleWorks script formats the selected text to SMALL CAPS. Uppercase characters are not changed. Lowercase characters are set to uppercase but 80% of the original font size.



This is one of 40 scripts in the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks.


The “Small Caps” item is in the Text sub-menu of AppleWorks Scripts Menu. To use it:
    1. Select some text in a word processing document or text frame.
    2. Select the “Small Caps” menu item.

Before: This Text is Small Caps


This script does not affect text in a table (which AppleWorks’ AppleScript does not yet recognize), or database field. If these are common needs, please let us know. In the mean time, you can copy any such text, paste into a temporary word processing document, run the Small Caps script, then copy and paste back into the original location.

The script is much faster where the selection is all one style.

Operates on the selected text in the text body of a word processing document or text frame.

Small Caps works with AppleWorks 6 and AppleWorks 5. If you create a new text frame in AppleWorks 5, then select text inside it, the script will not recognize the selection. You need to hit Enter, then select the text again (this is an AppleWorks 5 bug).

Only registered users are permitted to use the supplied files after 14 days or edit them.

This script is included in the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks, not supplied separately.

This script may be edited by registered users. To adjust the reduction factor of trailing text, change this line:

property reductionFactor : 0.8

Change 0.8 to 0.6 for a 60% reduction.

Some of the main statements are:

if isLower and not previousLower then
   set startN to charN
   set previousLower to true
else if not isLower and previousLower then
   tell application "AppleWorks 6"
     get size of character startN in textRef
     set size of text startN thru (charN - 1) in textRef to result * reductionFactor
   end tell
   set previousLower to false
end if

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