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Version 1.5


This page discusses changes in version 1.5 of the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks.

Enhancement Pack


This web site contains troubleshooting information and the latest documentation about each script in the Enhancement Pack. If you have questions about a particular script, check here first.

the latest version.


Enhancement Pack 1.5 is an old version. Download the latest version from here.

What’s new
and improved?


Version 1.5 brings Mac OS X compatibility to all features of the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks, which required updates to most scripts. This includes more support for filename extensions, avoiding new AppleWorks and Mac OS X bugs, etc.

See the “Enhancement Features” database, included in the package, for detail on all changes in this version.

Compared to the previous release, version 1.5 also includes numerous bug fixes and minor tweaks, plus the improvements below (listed by environment):



The new included “Enhancement Features” database provides detailed information on each feature, including purpose, environment, limits, screen snapshot, advanced features etc. The Scripts menu now contains “About Enhancement Pack”, as a starting point for all documentation.



Audit Fields


Allows multiple databases with same name. Looks up field kind if AppleWorks fails to do so.



Added replace methods: fill down from current; replace blanks (or space) with preceding non-blank; replace with other field; Trim; Delimited; Quotes. Faster execution when all records visible. Allow to choose field if none selected. Reports how many records potentially changed. Allows changing in multiple fields at once.

Web Publish


Removed CGI option (didn’t suit Mac OS X, but may return in future version). Allows no summary field. Tighter filtering of output web page file names.



Open CSV


Auto senses return or linefeed.



Paste Plain


Pastes without needing intermediate document (except as a fallback). Doesn’t bring all windows to front.

Word Processing


Web Publish


Reveals HTML file in Finder even if rename fails. Now just exports direct to final file, without renaming or deleting in Finder (removes compatibility and access privilege issues).

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