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Version 1.6


This page discusses changes in version 1.6 of the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks.

Enhancement Pack


Look here if you are new to the Enhancement Pack, for an overview and description of all the features.

the latest version


Enhancement Pack 1.6 is an old version. Download the latest version from here.

What’s new
and improved?


Compared to the previous release, this version includes the improvements below (listed by environment):



The installer fixes memory allocation and a bug that displayed “Can’t get item 3 of...” when run on some Mac OS 9 systems. It also now uses the correct install path for Swedish, Italian & Japanese versions of AppleWorks 6. The Readme text file now includes manual install instructions as a fall-back method.



The “About Enhancement Pack” document (accessible from the Scripts menu) now includes a link to the “Script Function Samples” spreadsheet.



Duplicate Multiple


Fixes a compile bug that caused a problem running in AppleWorks 5.



When “Replace” gives you a choice of fields, they are now listed in alphabetical order, instead of creation order, making it easier to locate on large databases.

Added a replace method “Lookup”, which will copy values from a field in another database, by matching a key field in the current and other database. This is very useful for restoring some overwritten data from an earlier version of a database, for instance.

Word Processing:


Web Publish


Fixed bug for filenames containing “y” or “z”. Made showing of HTML file in Finder optional.

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