Audit Fields




This script lists the fields of the active database in a new database, showing index, name and field kind. Useful for printing and documenting the fields in a database.

The “Audit Fields” item is in the Database sub-menu of AppleWorks Scripts Menu.

When activated, this script displays a list of the active database's fields, showing their index, name and kind. The audit is created in a new database document, whose records can be then re-sorted, deleted and further manipulated.

For a complex database, displaying an audit in this way can help you to keep track or print the list of fields. It is in some ways more flexible than AppleWorks’ define fields dialog alloowing sorting of the field names, omitting some to leave just those of interest at a particular stage, add your own comments field to document your database, print the list of fields, view all fields at once.

The “Audit Fields” script uses the “Audit Fields” stationery file in the Scripts Support folder. You can edit this file (make a backup first) to use your own template for listing fields. You may want to add a comments field, preset a sort, search or report, add your corporate logo or whatever.

This script is unlocked so you can open it in your favorite script editor. It is a good example of how to get and set field information in a database.

Operates on the front document, which must be a database document.

This script works with AppleWorks 6, not version 5 or earlier. (AppleWorks 5 does not permit a script to set field values, etc.)

Only registered users are permitted to edit the supplied files.

This script is included in the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks, not supplied seperately.

Here is a partial snapshot of the list resulting from running “Audit Fields” on the “Address List” database, created by the build in AppleWorks assistant.

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