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Version 1.3.1


This page discusses changes in version 1.3 and 1.3.1 of the Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks.

Enhancement Pack


This web site contains troubleshooting information and the latest documentation about each script in the Enhancement Pack. If you have questions about a particular script, check here first.

the Latest Version


Enhancement Pack 1.3.1 is an old version. Download the latest version from here.

Bug Fix Release


Version 1.3.1 is identical to 1.3 except for the version number and a bug fix to the Find Duplicates command.

What’s new
and improved?


Compared to the previous version, 1.2, version 1.3 includes these improvements:





Improved. In addition to choosing to compare the selected field or all fields, you can now choose particular fields from a list.



Improved. In addition to the existing options to replace a field in all records with a value, formula result or increase/decrease, you can now also choose to apply a "Series" of successive numbers or choose "Replace String" to replace any occurrence of a particular sub-string. For replace by values, this script now correctly uses the recently entered value (works around an AppleWorks bug that would use the the last entered value prior to editing.

Find Duplicates


Improved. If you don’t select a field, the script will ask you to choose from a list. Can now test for duplication across multiple fields.



Label Dimensions


New. Draws arrows and numeric measurement text next to your graphic objects, at your chosen scale, labeling the height and/or width of those objects.



Underline Words


New. Underlines the word in the selection, without changing the spaces and punctuation between words.

Word Processing


Web Publish


Improved. Now uses AppleWorks to read & write the HTML file, instead of the read/write scripting addition, which was buggy in OS 9.1 and OS X PB.


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